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pretaportre: Roberto Cavalli slams Anna Wintour and American fashion.


Roberto Cavalli, never afraid to share what’s on his mind, has some strong opinions about American fashion and its dictator, Anna Wintour. In an interview with Italian art and design site D. La Reppublica, Cavalli states:

“Just look at American fashion which is almost fashion. It’s terrible…

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A look from above.

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I must say today was an awesome day, as I predicted it would be. The weather was perfect, sun was shining with the breeze blowing…couldn’t have asked for more. Also, went to see Project X with my homegirl, Britt, whom I love dearly. THAT MOVIE WAS EPIC! I was tired myself afterwards, as if I partied with them.

Anywho, its bedtime for me.. 6:45AM wake up call (from my lover ♥) for work at 8AM, sheesh. the grind never stops, got to make it somehow.

xoxo —A.

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up out my face boy!

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cool, calm and collected.. fun-filled and chill Monday.

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some are offended when looking at my buttons… mind your business, lol.

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the sun’s shining and so am I.

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